Dental Implant

A dental implant is a small post-like device made of titanium or titanium zirconium that is accepted by the human body and these implants fuse with the jawbone to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement.

Dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone to replace missing tooth roots. Once healed, dental implants act as a base to anchor the visible portion of the artificial tooth – ranging from individual crowns, multi-tooth bridges, or full-arch dental prostheses.

Why us

“A dental implant is the only solution that replaces the missing tooth root”
We are Award-winning and Certified  Dental Implant Surgeons

Certified and Experienced Dental Implant Surgeons

Dr. Nalat Wongwatjana is experienced in implant dentistry and has performed many advanced dental procedures. She has  undergone further advanced training in: bone grafting, sinus lifting, advanced soft tissue surgery, sticky bone, PRF and computer guided implant surgery.

Two years after she graduated with 2nd Honour Diploma from Chulalongkorn university, Dr. Nalat began working with implants and after one year she received Honorable Mention Award in Aesthetic competition from Thai prosthetic association and ITI. Today, after graduation of 1 year implant externship course from the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, she still updates herself within new advanced technologies and always prepares for the next step.

Dr. Nalat is accredited by ICOI, EAO, AAID in implant dentistry.

We are using the latest high-end technology for implant surgeries

» 3D CBCT Scanner 
It allows us to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.


» Computer guided implant surgery
This advanced method allows to better pinpoint the exact location within your mouth for each implant, considerably simplifying the overall procedure. As our patient, you can look forward to a less invasiveness, a shorter recovery time, and an overall process that’s much smoother from beginning to end.


» PRF, Biotechnology
PRF offers a faster healing, less pain and decreased swelling after the dental surgery. It also provides improved strength of bone integration to dental implants.


» Straumann roxolid
Reduces invasiveness and offers more treatment options with smaller and stronger implants.


» All on 4
Full-arch rehabilitation with only four implants through graftless procedure and immediate function. This shortens the treatment time concept and it is the least costly method in comparison with conventional implant.

World-leading technology from Straumann

Straumann, a global pioneer and leader in implant dentistry since 1974, with 35 years of clinically validated research. Straumann has recently developed two new types of dental implants using innovative materials. They are narrower, shorter and with increased stability which not only reduces the treatment time but also means that implants can be safely placed in areas where bone loss has occurred. The Straumann Roxolid implants have a life time guarantee (subject to conditions). The Straumann Roxolid implants are much less invasive than conventional implants

With four state-of the-art surgeries and equipment, we use some of the most advanced technology available. We have our own 3D CT scanner and digital imaging equipment which we use for every patient to ensure the best results for our patients.


We can now replace your missing teeth and gaps with implants restoring your confidence through improving your smile’s appearance. We also offer affordable finance.