If you plan getting a dental treatment and booking an appointment while visiting Thailand, we will make sure that your time and treatment plan fits your traveling schedule.

After the initial inquiry is received, our dentist will ask you for more details regarding your treatment and expectations. We can also arrange a video call or Skype which is beneficial to give the dentist a visual reference of the dental area.

Some patients may already have a treatment plan, x-ray or photo from their local doctor and this can speed up the process. Either way, our initial consultation will fully explain the treatment options available, budgets and schedule for dental work. If the treatment will involve lab work, the dentist will liaise with the lab directly to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Treatment Schedule

  • Implants: 2 visits at least 3 months apart

  • Crowns, bridges, veneers: 2 visits, 3-5 days apart

  • Fillings, teeth whitening, scaling, air polishing: 1 visit (1 hr per visit)

  • Invisalign: 2 visits, 1 month apart (1 hr each visit)


Required length of stay in Bangkok:

  • Implant surgery: 3-5 days (1 follow up check before flying home)

  • Crowns, bridges, veneers: Up to 1 week

  • Full mouth reconstruction or multiunit restoration: 2 weeks

  • Invisalign: 1 day each visit


We want to ensure that our patients are 100% satisfied with their treatment. We include the following guarantees for each treatment.

    » Veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays: 2 years

    » Implants*:

            Straumann – lifetime

            Dentium – 5 years

   » Fillings: 3 months

   » Invisalign: 5 Years (full) or 1 time (lite) with additional scan and adjustment


* For implants that depend on condition, the patient is required to keep a maintenance record of their hygiene as advised. Please see the dentist for details of the individual guarantee plan according to your treatment.




The dentist will be available to answer any questions you may have following your treatment. This can be done via a call, email, Skype, Line or WhatsApp.

Medical Records

Patients will receive the following records during their treatment:

  • X-rays

  • Medical records

  • Implant packages with box, label etc. Straumann guarantee if applicable.

  • Formal guarantee record that will include details and records of treatment received.

Patient-Focused Care
The top three things that people said they disliked about going to the dentist was the smells, the outdated decor, and the uncomfortable waiting rooms. One of the best things about our clinic is that it doesn’t look like a dental clinic. Our clinic is bright, airy, modern, and cleverly designed so that our state of the art facilities do not compromise on patient comfort, relaxation, or accessibility.

We empower our patients to take ownership of their dental health with easily understood information and access to the high quality dental care. Our ultimate goal is total and absolute satisfaction for you and your family.