Replicate Tooth

Everyone wants to have great teeth and a natural looking smile, but what if you are missing a tooth, or need to replace one or more teeth? There are several options available and a wide array of dental techniques that can help fix the problem. Whatever your choice, it is important to do something, because a missing tooth can affect not only your appearance, but also can have negative consequences on oral health.

REPLICATE Immediate Tooth Replacement System

The latest technology and our professional skills will provide you a bespoke, individualized replica of your original tooth for a natural looking finish.

We use state of the art imaging, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing technologies to design and manufacture your 100 % customized REPLICATE Tooth. Every REPLICATE Tooth undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality assurance checks be fore it arrives at your dentist’s office.
We make every REPLICATE Tooth with the needs of the individual patient in mind. We are dedicated to human-centered dental care and improving the patient experience one patient at a time.


1. Imaging Consultation

Dental impressions are taken along with a three-dimensional X-ray in order to produce a completely bespoke, individualized replica of the tooth.

2. Tooth Replacement

At your next appointment, we remove your original tooth and immediately replace it with the replica tooth. Because the new tooth takes approximately 6 months to heal, a temporary protective crown is fixed in place.

3. Permanent Fixing

After the new tooth has healed and is strongly embedded in the surrounding bone, this temporary crown is removed, and a permanent final crown fixed in place. To create the perfect, natural looking finish this crown is expertly color matched to the rest of your teeth.

Benefits of Replicate Tooth

» No drilling or complicated dental surgery.
» Quick treatment process and no obvious signs of tooth loss due to temporary crown.
» Bespoke, individualized replica of your original tooth for a natural looking finish.
» Only the defective tooth is replaced so adjacent teeth are unharmed.
» Immediate aesthetics & placement.
» Minimally invasive & No second surgical (reentry) session required.
» A REPLICATE Tooth is an individualized replica of your original tooth from root to crown.