Dental implants

Dental implants were pioneered in Sweden about 30 years ago. Since then dental implants have improved tremendously. Technology has helped dental implant treatment become more predictable and more practical for both dental surgeons and their patients. Dental implants is still considered to be a new science to many persons.

However many patient who need dental implant treatment don’t know what are dental implants. Dental implant designs have been improved, with improved dental implant surfaces, better platform connections and better overall strength properties. Dental implants have become more popular with patients who have missing or damaged teeth.

Experience In Dental Implants Treatment

Dr.Nalat undergo continuing professional development training in their respective fields to offer up to date and predictable dental implant treatments. We are able to carry out all of the stages of dental implant treatments including dental implant assessments, all types of dental implant surgery, bone grating procedures, sinus augmentations.

Dental CT scans are used to provide 3 dimensional images of the jaw bone. Using this superior imaging capability our surgeons are able to place dental implants safely and accurately. The procedure of placing dental implants usually takes about an hour. There is usually only minor discomfort after the dental implant surgery.


A suitable healing period is allowed for the dental implants to fuse with the jaw bone. This process is called osseointegration. After 3-6 months, impressions are taken of the healed dental implants. A dental implant crown or bridge is then attached to the dental implant by means of screw retained or cement retained restorations.

At Smile and shine dental clinic we strive to provide the best dental implant treatment for patients with missing teeth. We have highly skilled and experienced surgeons  . Dental implants have been shown to be successful in over 95% of cases. Our clinics have been designed specifically with dental implant treatments in mind and this helps us deliver a high standard of care to our patients. All of our clinics have CT scanners on site.